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The GLOBAL ACADEMIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE (GARI conference) is organizing international conference all around the world Every month for targeting diverse community of academics, researchers, developers, creators, educators, practitioners, professionals, industry leaders and representatives, designers, students, and other persons who are interesting in. Our Ultimate theme is "Making practitioners for Tomorrow". To achieve our objectives we need qualified "Country Ambassador" as GARI Conference representatives.

Expectations and brief of task as Country Ambassador

  • Experience with sustaining strategic partnerships or Connections with Universities, institutions, researchers, Lectures, any research interest parties or Companies around the Your Country and Demonstrated ability to develop relationships with new engagements to achieve the GARI objectives.
  • The successful applicant is responsible for the email campaign and conducting promotion activities in your with Colombo Operation office.
  • As a Country Ambassador, you are keen to extend a research and training support for your civil society as well as GARI.
  • As the country’s ambassador for GARI you will be responsible for all research and development activities conducting workshops and conferences across in your Country with Colombo Operation office.
The scholars who want to be with us please Apply.


We are organizing
Conference on multiple cities
Around the world to easy access
To present your papers, Share Knowledge
And visit different Culture, Food, Sightseeing, etc.

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