GARI establishes an academic relationship with NOBLE INSTITUTION (Noble School of Business) to develop and foster research linkage between the two institutions.

Noble Institution will be a learning community that is focused on developing youngsters who will become leaders in an era of global competitiveness and technological advancements. Our community will be committed to ascertaining and disseminating relevant knowledge and providing select educational experiences of the highest calibre to advance the theory and practice of Pre-university to Post graduation Studies.

They offer an update "FINANCIAL MODELLING COURSE" & include other 03 main courses

Noble Analytics Team

  • 1. Data analytics with Excel and Power BI
  • 2. Financial modelling using spreadsheets or excel
  • 3. Finlabs introduction to Stock markets and derivatives markets The courses are available both in an online and offline format. 40 hrs you can download full details of the PDF Download

Advisory Members of GARI Statistic Research Team

Prof. H V Dinesh Prasad
Founder & Principal Head,
Noble School of Business,